Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reddit Gift Exchange: Books

For any of you not familiar with the Reddit Gift Exchange...familiarize yourself. It's a really fun way to exchange themed gifts with strangers. I've been participating in select exchanges for almost 2 years now and I love it so much.

Here's how it works: every couple of months they open up a new round of themed exchanges. For example, a Harry Potter exchange, a board game exchange, a socks exchange, or even a condiments exchange (these are all exchanges I've participated in). You sign up for as many as you want and have credits for (you start out with a small number of credits but earn them exponentially as you participate) and then wait for matching day when you'll be able to see whose name you drew and check out what they're hoping to receive (the person you draw did not draw your name). Then you find the perfect gift and mail it off - super easy. If you don't receive a gift for some reason, never fear, there's a rematch program as well.

What does this have to do with a book review blog? Every year they have a book exchange! Whoever drew my name was amazing because they ordered and shipped books to me ON matching day and the books were straight from my to-read list on Goodreads. Matched, by Ally Condie, and The Maze Runner, by James Dashner. Score! I can't wait to delve into these!

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